What 10 Years Of Blogging Has Taught Me

Ten years ago today, I started a blog on a whim. I was days away from having a baby and thought it would be a new way to stay connected to my mom, grandma, and sister. It quickly accomplished that goal and so many more goals I didn’t even know to set or chase after before blogging.

Blogging honed my writing and communication skills.

Blogging developed my ability to share stories important to me.

Blogging empowered me to speak out on issues and topics I am passionate about.

Blogging taught me content creation is a passion of mine, one I grew into with my career.

Most importantly, blogging connected me to communities around shared values, created lifelong friendships, close to home and far from it.

I’m not as active on my blog as I was once. It goes in phases. Four years ago I purposefully chose to scale back in blogging to be more attentive to sharing my voice offline with keynote event speaking. I also became more active in a few organizations, lending my voice to passions I wanted to influence not only online but engaging offline.

I owe my willingness to step out and speak boldly on topics and write about them to the beginnings of this blog. I found like-minded people in blogging. I found haters in blogging. On either end of the spectrum and mostly in the middle, I found my voice, communities, and people. Thank you for sticking with me, for inspiring me and staying connected through comments, messages and meeting offline.

As in the “olden days” of my blogging when I used to share almost daily updates from the North Dakota prairie, here’s a look at our today.

Champ and Libby welcome the snow. Actually, they are waiting for me to give them a treat.
We found this Santa in the back of our small business, Pinke Lumber. Vintage and perfect for our prairie home.
A few more peeks around our porch which Anika and Nathan helped me decorate this past weekend before the snow came today.

I am thankful I decided to become a blogger on the prairie a decade ago today. While much has changed, at my core, it remains who I am and where I am firmly planted. Thank you, World Wide Web, Blogspot, WordPress, AreaVoices, Google but mostly thank you, readers, friends, and family.

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